The Merge

How is it that magic and the corporate/business world can effortlessly merge so well together? Because Carlos Vaz creates the urge to start change, sparks motivation, inspires teams to drive for consistent results, and most importantly, unbelievably entertains his audience while doing so.

Having worked for 20+ years in the bureaucratic high-tech industry, he understands corporate teams, management, culture, process, and most importantly, is empathetic to the individual wants and needs of both your high performance and under achieving units, as well as individual employees. Although Carlos has previous and successful acts that he uses, he takes much pride in custom tailoring something new to meet your company’s specific need. Whether it’s a classic or a new creation, it all revolves around you and your team. Are you still running full day training that typically bores your team with too much Power Point, too much lecture or too little engagement? Let Carlos Vaz save the day, even if it’s with a shorter 30 min set to serve as the wake up, especially after they all return from lunch.

Company training, presentations and/or even client pitches can get more results, more buy in, and much more paying attention when a seasoned magician knows how to merge it all together. Think of all the company training and such that you’ve sat through over the years, now doesn’t it make more sense to have a professional magician come in and energize the room?