Whether you’re the smaller sized local start-up, the non-profit organizing a conference with fundraising, or the corporate giant, Carlos Vaz is your ideal pick for bringing magic to your event. Giveaways, gift cards  and extra days off have always been classics, but bringing a live magician to mesmerize your people will have them remembering the gathering forever. Regardless of age, race, gender or social class, the art of magic has always brought people together and gives them more of something to talk about amongst themselves which creates the ice breakers you may have needed.

Now is your chance to think outside the box of all the traditional event organizing that you’ve done prior, and time to bring a real magician, that get’s real laughs and can put on one of the greatest shows you might have ever introduced. 

A Few More Reasons To Book Now

  • He understands and adapts to his audience.

  • You need a new way to entertain your guests/employees.

  • He is professional, is punctual and over delivers.

  • Your team is tired of traditional training.

  • He’s your top pick for your budget.

  • You’re guaranteed to be amazed and confused.