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Carlos is a magician and speaker who currently resides in the Austin, TX vicinity. Carlos' amazing journey to performing magic started years ago.

Unlike most magicians that still openly cherish their very first magic kit, Carlos Vaz never received one, nor had he ever even seen one. Growing up in the Bronx projects of New York City, he was 8 yrs old when he experienced his first moment of magic right before his eyes. There she was, a young woman LIVE on TV who was sitting in a chair on top of a sturdy table. She pulled a sheet over her head. The magician went on top of the sturdy table and walked behind her, pulling the sheet back from the chair, instantly making her disappear as if she never existed.

It was in that exact moment that a young Carlos embraced his now life long love for magic and the world of illusions. The magic books at the local library were his next steps to learning the forbidden ageless craft, and eventually he made his way to the magic shops.

Unfortunately, the magic shops were simply selling tricks, and he ambitiously wanted to learn how to perform for a live audience. Carlos felt that he was ready to perform and also began counting down the days that he could finally meet a real life and professional magician. Finally, he began building relationships with world travelling magicians, and not just studying their every move, but also asking key questions in hopes they would reveal some of their most hidden secrets.

He was now ready and equipped with a drive to perform, entertain, and most of all, to create timeless moments of magic as someone had done for him years prior.

Once he wowed his first audience, it was on! Carlos Vaz spent the next 20 years performing at various small venues and functions as an amateur, and then transitioned into a professional magician booking performances with major organizations and largely attended events.

His illusions were mind boggling and amazed the masses, and after many years of perfecting every split second of a classic or newly introduced routine, he now knows that all the countless hours of training, performing and even studying himself has paid off and now gifts his audiences with the jaw dropping and seasoned magician that they deserve.